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stablished in June 2011 under number 110/1, our mutual fund “Caisse Mutuelle de Développement” started its operations in January 2012 at Notre Dame du Liban Hospital in Jounieh.

The “Caisse Mutuelle de Développement” is a non-profit organization that meets the needs of the community in which it operates. Since its establishment, it has been serving its members efficiently, and most important transparently. Furthermore, the “Caisse Mutuelle de Développement” has been known for its reputation, credibility, integrity, and the business ethics it implements in all its procedures. All its promises are kept and fulfilled. All members are treated fairly and equally, which ensures a high level of trust in the organization.

At year end, all residual profits generated from operations are reinvested in CMD to enhance existing services and tailor new ones to meet the dynamic change of needs and improve the well-being of our members.

Our main goal is to provide adequate healthcare coverage for In, Out, and ER cases at affordable premiums. Thus, our mission is being supportive and protective of our community and environment by providing, through a spirit of collective solidarity, comprehensive high quality health care benefits. In accordance, our vision is promoting the wellbeing of community members by providing medical coverage for all.

In order to achieve our objectives and reach our goal, we have tailored multiple services to meet requirements:

  • In + Out Coverage for all In-hospitalization needs regardless of past medical history or current situation. It includes 85% ambulatory and 100% emergency services. This coverage is available for members benefiting from NSSF (National Social Security Fund) or not.


  • Out Coverage for all ambulatory procedures that do not require In-hospital stays. This includes lab tests, X-rays, EKG, CT scan, MRI…


  • A dynamic prevention program that is constantly changing to meet the needs of the community includes Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Campaign, Early Detection of Gastroenterological Diseases Campaign,…

Also, as all cases will be attended at Notre Dame du Liban Hospital in Jounieh, adherents will have access to:

  • accurate experience of the medical group (doctors, nurses, etc…).
  • the latest efficient and high performance technologies.
  • the cordial and friendly reception of all the HNDL staff.


For any further information, do not delay, contact us.


Caisse Mutuelle de Developpement

Jounieh – Fouad Chehab Av – HNDL Bldg

Tel: + 961 9 644 644 – ext: 8519