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Advanced Technology

We are always striving to keep pace with the time, which is why we are continually introducing new technologies with high capabilities.

Healthcare Solutions

With our innovative healthcare solutions, we always make sure the patients get the full satisfaction in their stay at the hospital

24/7 Availability

With our 24/7 ambulance services, we are ready to serve you anywhere in Lebanon. Just pick up the phone and call us on 09 644644 for any emergencies.

FAQ’s – Zika Virus

What is Zika virus?
Where can you get infected with Zika virus?
Can a registered will be rectified or changed?
What are the symptoms of a Zika virus infection?

Why Us?

Great Infrastructure

We always enhance our infrastructure to make things run smooth.

24/7 Ambulance Services

Reminder of our 24/7 ambulance service.

Cutting Edge Technology

With the latest trends out there, our professionals are always updated with the latest technologies.

Our Physical Therapy Department

Raymond Sahyoun – Physiotherapist

Our physical therapy department creates a warm and healing environment. It’s where we could spend the necessary time to listen to our patients and understand the factors affecting their health, to provide thorough, individually tailored care.

We provide rehabilitation to individuals who are recovering from an illness or an injury. Each patient is assessed to identify his rehabilitation needs. Individualized treatment plans are created based on the patient’s goals, condition and ability to function.

Our therapists are committed to provide excellent service to our patient’s by participating in continuing education to learn and provide the most current treatment techniques. Some of the more common conditions for which physical therapists provide treatment include:

Sports injuries, such as overuse injuries and trauma in athletes. Joint and soft-tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, tendinitis, fractures and dislocations, and pre- and post-surgical conditions. Arthritic conditions, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Workplace injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cumulative trauma and stress disorders. Neck and back pain.

Your first visit will include a thorough examination, utilizing specific tests and measures for your condition. Your therapist will make a clinical judgment based on the information gathered during the exam, which will guide him or her in putting your treatment plan. Your therapist will discuss the results with you, along with the recommended treatment, while considering your goals for improvement.

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