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Notre Dame University Hospital is located in the city of Jounieh, which stretches over one of the most charming bays of the Mediterranean Sea, named the « Bay of Angels ».
Jounieh is considered one of the major cities in Lebanon, situated 20 kilometers north of the capital Beirut. It was built to embrace the sea, lying gracefully by the mountain side under Notre Dame’s watchful eyes.Foundation of Notre Dame University Hospital in Jounieh.

The inauguration was an event: the first hospitalization center in the region of Kesrouan. At first, it consisted of 60 beds established in a general-purpose building not particularly designed for a hospital. Healthcare professionals supported by Italian nuns undertook the work. In those early days, the focus was on general care of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics gynecology, pediatrics, emergency care, a laboratory for medical analysis and a radiology department.


Notre Dame University Hospital has participated to the foundation of the “Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon” and became a member since then.
Dr Faouzi Adaimi, owner of Notre Dame University Hospital, has been elected President of the “Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon” from 1982 till 2003.


The first foundation stone of the present hospitalization center was laid.
The plans were designed by Dr. Karl Petri, a physician working at an architectural office in Köln, Germany, specialized in hospital designs, and an artistic touch was added by Lotti Adaimi.
Since then, the building has witnessed a significant evolution.


The official opening of Notre Dame University Hospital, equipped with the latest advanced machines in a new functional building.


The “School for Nursing Aids” was started and soon became the “Institute for Paramedical Sciences” for Nursing, Medical Imaging, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Hospital Administration and Nutrition.


The beginning of 15 years of war did not prevent us from carrying on our duties despite the physical damages at the hospital. We extended our services to the injured, thanks to our tireless medical, paramedical, and technical teams.Our main concern was not just to treat patients, but to stop the exodus of our doctors and nurses.


The end and cessation of hostilities, restoration and rehabilitation works were carried out, in different departments, especially in intensive care, operating rooms, obstetrics, gynecology and pediatric departments and all hospitality services.
This was a rebuilding and updating period trying to catch up with the rest of the world in medical advances and build new departments that were much needed.


New special care units were established in cardiology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, geriatrics as well as a mobile emergency medical service system.


Notre Dame University Hospital is classified as “A – Five stars “ by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.


Installation of a magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI).


Institution of a medico-aesthetic center.

  • Notre Dame du Liban Hospital has participated to the foundation of the “Arab Hospital Federation” and became a member since then.
  • Dr Faouzi Adaimi, Chairman of the board of Directors of Notre Dame University Hospital, has been elected President of the “Arab Hospital Federation” since its foundation up to now.
  • Expansion of the Urology Department and acquisition of the Lithotripsy machine.
  • Creation of the Obesity Center and foundation of the « Weight Loss Surgery Clinic ».

Again, Notre Dame University Hospital is classified “ A “ by the Australian Society that was chosen by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health for the accreditation process of the hospitals in Lebanon.

  • Establishment of the Centre for Ophthalmology at the hospital, equipped with the latest technology including the laser eye sight correction.
  • A new center for preventive medicine and assessment of risks was established to assess, treat and educate against preventable conditions.
  • Revision, upgrade and modernization of the Laboratory Department.
  • Affiliation with the Faculty of Public Health at the Lebanese German University (LGU)
  • Revision, upgrade and modernization of the Radiology Department and acquisition of new technologies including: 1.5 Tesla MRI, Scanner 64, Digital Mammography, Panoramic X-rays, and 3D Echography.
  • Blood Bank updating and modernization to include the latest machinery and techniques, including in-line filtration, platelet collection, plasmapheresis, leukapheresis.
  • Notre Dame University Hospital is accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.
  • A new plan of renovation and modernization of the buildings is completed, to be executed starting in 2012.
  • Foundation of « Caisse Mutuelle de développement » whose mission is to be supportive and protective toward our community and environment by providing, through the spirit of solidarity, collectively global and comprehensive high quality health care benefits.
  • Notre Dame University Hospital was subject to intensive renovation works to many sections of the hospital: the various hospitalization floors, outpatient clinics, “Notre Dame des Anges et des Martyrs” chapel.
    These restorations allow our patients to recover in a more pleasant and welcoming environment.
  • Affiliation with the Faculty of Medicine – Beirut Arab University
  • Follow up on the restoration works.
  • Installation of the Cutera Laser machine for women and men of all skin tones and types.
    This machine combines the ideal laser wavelength with the most flexible parameters to deliver a superior vascular laser system. It treats a broad range of vessels from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins quickly, safely, and effectively.
  • Installation of the latest state-of-the-art angiography system.
    It supports cardiovascular and angiographic procedures all at a high speed with a minimal X-Ray exposure dose to the patient and the medical team.
    This multipurpose system handles interventions over the entire body, from the cardiac and brain blood vessels to peripheral blood vessels in the lower extremities.
  • Purchase of a new machine for bone densitometry testing.
  • Opening of « Wellness & Health Clinics”. It is a concept of medical and health wellness that deals with anti-aging, disease and the improvement of the quality of life.
  • New conference room completely equipped and easily accessible.
  • Installation of a new state of the art liposuction machine which removes fat from many different sites on the human body.

Renovation of the “Admission Department”, to assure a pleasant welcome to patients.