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Lebanon, the country of the alphabet, home of the cedars, is a bridge between East and West.  As a country known for its hospitality, it is the meeting place for people coming from all over the world.

Notre Dame University Hospital is proud to receive patients from different parts of the globe in need of highly specialized treatments or just a general checkup.

Due to its high technical level and a specialized effective medical and paramedical staff, Notre Dame University Hospital strives to ensure the most comfortable and beneficial stay for its patients.
Upon their arrival at the airport, the patients and their escort are taken charge of and provided accommodation in a hotel near the hospital up to their expectations.


Two alternatives are to be considered:

  1. The patient wishing to have a medical checkup is brought to the hospital the following day fasting, where he/she is cared for by a hostess whose responsibility is to provide the best reception and guide him/her through the diagnostic tests.
    At the checkup center, the doctor in charge goes into detailed examination and investigates every possible problem. If needed, the patient can be referred to specialists in the field. When completed, the results, diagnosis, and recommended treatments are communicated to the patient.
  2. If the patient’s state of health requires immediate hospitalization, he/she is transferred to the hospital where he/she is welcomed by a hostess who is placed at his/hers disposal for guidance and information.  The medical team, informed ahead of the patient’s state of health, takes him/her in charge immediately.

The hospital insures transportation of the patient and his/her escort: Airport/Hotel – Hotel/ Hospital – Hospital/ Hotel – Hotel/ Airport.

Depending on the patient’s state of health and the duration of his/her stay in Lebanon, a tourist program can be organized and proposed to patient and escort.

Stay and hospitalization expenses are calculated according to the tests done and the care provided. The package includes hotel tariff, transportation, snacks, drugs, doctors’ fees, tests, hospitalization, touristic program etc… We would like to note that airfare is not included in our packages.

For further information, kindly send us a detailed e-mail ( about the patient’s state of health and the expected date of his/her stay in Lebanon.