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The Chest Unit provides a very wide range of diagnostic tests and treatments for all types of chest and lung disorders. In addition, it performs research that aims to find better treatments and ways to deliver those treatments.  

The types of conditions that can be treated range from acute pneumonias to chronic chest complaints and from tuberculosis to lung cancer.   The department aims to give patients in our unit the highest standard of care and to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible.

We work as a multi-disciplinary team (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, lung function technicians, managers and secretaries) who together provide an immediate emergency service for acute chest problems as well as a wide range of highly specialized services that we believe to be as expert as any in the country.   The unit also joins with the other specialists in the hospital to ensure that each patient is provided with up-to-date and appropriate care.    

Each specialist is fully accredited in both respiratory and general medicine. In addition, each has particular expertise in one or more specific diseases.   Seeing large numbers of patients provides an opportunity to conduct statistical studies that help enhance the quality of our services and treatments.   

The unit teaches medical students and nurses and trains younger doctors to be the consultant specialists of the future.   The unit also runs seminars, contributes to conferences and supports developments in education and healthcare policy at local, national and international levels.  

We are always happy to discuss specific issues with patients and relatives as they arise.   This should be arranged with the relevant consultant’s secretary or with the ward nursing staff.


Inpatient Services

Patients may be admitted from the Accident and Emergency Department, following referral by their GP, or electively after an outpatient consultation.  We know that most people would prefer not to be in hospital and so we do our best to get them better and home as fast as possible but without being too hasty for their medical condition. We have several teams of specialist nurses who link between the wards, outpatients and the community services .      

Diagnostic Facilities

We have one of the best equipped lung function laboratories in the country.  In this facility we are able to study in great detail various aspects of the function of the lungs (breathing tests). These are done either at rest or sometimes on exercise.   

In the Sleep Laboratory we are able to study breathing problems during sleep.  These tests are either done during an overnight stay in the laboratory, or by a patient taking portable equipment home with them for the night.   

Using cameras, we are able to look into and at the lungs. Using sedation and local anesthetics, we are able to look through the nose or mouth into the larger air passages in the lung (a test called a bronchoscopy).

We have an excellent X-ray department where we can get information about the lung using a variety of different X-ray tests that range from ordinary chest X-rays to more sophisticated CT scans and MRI .   More importantly, we are large enough to have consultant radiologists who specialise in reporting chest disease tests and so offer a greater expertise than could be available in smaller units.