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Conventional Radiology Unit



An X-ray is a noninvasive diagnostic test that involves a low dose of radiation. An X-ray “beam” is used to produce images of various parts of the body. Because it is limited to the area of interest, it is an extremely safe diagnostic tool.


Please note that all X-rays do not require appointments.

X-ray Walk-in Appointments

Patients who require bone X-rays are welcomed to come as walk-ins Monday- Saturday from 8am to 7pm at our Radiology Unit 1st underground floor.

X-rays and Fluoroscopy exams requiring a scheduled appointment include:

 Barium Enema, Esophogram or Barium Swallow, Gallbladder Series, Hysterosalpinogram, IVP, Skeletal Survey, Small Bowel Study, Upper GI, Upper GI with Small Bowel, and VCUG (Adult).


Exam Preparation

  • Preparation for your X-ray will depend on the type of exam.
  • In order for your exam to be preformed, you must bring your prescription.
  • Please indicate any possibility of pregnancy to the scheduling office when you book the appointment.
  • Please bring previous imaging study results (X-ray, MRI, CT, etc.) such as reports, films or CD-Roms if available.
  • Arrival time may vary from your appointment time, and will be conveyed to you by our scheduling associate.


During the exam

  • Conventional radiography (x-ray) is a simple, painless procedure that is performed by the technologist (radiographer). It enables the radiologist to analyze the bony and soft tissue anatomy for diagnosis. The average X-ray study takes 15-20 minutes.
  • Fluoroscopy uses a fluoroscope, which is an instrument consisting of an X-ray machine and a fluorescent screen coupled with an image intensifier to view the internal organs of the body. A fluoroscopy exam often takes between 30-40 minutes. A contrast agent is sometimes utilized to enhance the area of interest.


After the exam

  • The technologist transfers the images from your exam to our radiologists, who specialize in analyzing images of the specific area of the body you had examined. The radiologist dictates a diagnostic report which is delivered for you in 24 hours from your appointment.