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Patients’ Frequently Asked Questions


Are children allowed at the hospital?
Are cell phones allowed in the hospital?
Do you have translators in your hospital?
Where can I find a map of the hospital?
How much does it cost to park and where can I park?
What are the visiting times?
What gifts can I bring to the hospital?
Where can I smoke on the hospital grounds?
How do I make a donation to your hospital?
How do I find the telephone number of a department?
What should I do and whom should I contact in case of emergency?
Are there any technological developments or other innovations?
I am interested in helping out at the hospital. How do I go about it?
Should I contact my insurance company before coming to the hospital?
Why do I have to provide my insurance information every time I go to hospital?
What is the Fidelity Card?
Does the hospital own an ambulance?


What should I bring with me?
What should I expect during my first visit?
When is the doctors visit?
When will I have tests?
When are meals served?
How do I arrange interpreter services for people in my family who do not speak Arabic?
Can I wear my own pajamas?
Can a family member spend the night with me?
How can my family and friends call me?
How do I make a long-distance telephone call?
What if I want a second medical opinion?
Why can’t I use my own medications when I am in the hospital?
How can I communicate my complaints?
Whom can I contact for any additional questions I have?
What about privacy and confidentiality?


When is the normal time of discharge?
If I go home late, will I be charged for an extra day?
What do I do if I have questions about my invoice?
Will I be asked to make a down payment when I come to hospital? Is a deposit required?
How do I dispute an error in my bill?
What form of payment do you accept?
How will I know if my insurance company will pay my bill?
What costs will my insurance company cover?
What does my insurance cover?
Does the hospital bill include my physician’s fees?
Why didn’t my insurance pay?
Can I choose my class of ward?
How much will my hospital stay cost?


What happens when I/a patient is ready to be discharged from hospital?
Who do I send thank-you /compliments letters to?
How and where do I get the medication I’ll need when I’m discharged?
Can I have a copy of my medical file?

Outpatient clinics

How do I set up an appointment in the external clinic department? Or how do I go about cancelling or rearranging an appointment?


How do I get a job at the hospital?
Do you have internship opportunities?
Do I need to apply separately for each position I’m interested in?
Do you have volunteer opportunities?