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It happens to the best of us: We aim to meal prep and eat healthy foods, but those resolutions don’t actually become lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re figuring out how to be less wasteful, want easy ways to make meal prepping easier or you’re getting ready to run your first marathon, there are plenty of small lifestyle tweaks you can make to stay on track all year.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, never fear: We sent messages to some of the top nutritionists, registered dietitians and wellness experts to find out the products and tools they rely on.

Take a look below at their 10 recommendations:

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1 Portable containers, so you’ll actually enjoy bringing your lunch to work.

We’re all guilty of pulling out a #saddesklunch. But with the right to-go containers, your squished sandwich or over-dressed salad will be a thing of the past. Dietitian and blogger Abigail Kinnear uses OXO glass containers to pack her midday meal. “I recommend making hearty plant-based salads full of whole grains and plant protein, such as beans, chickpeas and lentils,” she said. “These can be made in advance and keep well in the fridge for the work week ahead.” Get them on Amazon.

2 A glowing water bottle so you never forget to take a sip.

Dietitian Anne Mauney said sustainable health habits are about adding rather than subtracting: “Rather than focusing on what to limit/avoid to stay healthy, instead think about what you can add for better health.” One thing you can always add to your diet is more water. This smart water bottle from Hydrate Spark syncs with your smartphone and fitness tracker to monitor just how much water you’re consuming. Get it on Amazon.

3 A probiotic, to keep your whole body in check.

Probiotics were one of the buzzwords of last year, and for good reason. Probiotics are the good types of bacteria that can help boost immunity and aid in digestion. We all know that when our body feels “off” or “in a funk,” the likelihood of sticking with our planned healthy eating routine goes awry. Dietitian Keri Gans recommends the MegaFood Digestive Health Shelf-Stable Probiotic to support daily digestive health. Get it on Amazon.

4 A dinner plate that will balance your meals for you.

Remember the cafeteria plates you used as a kid? That food may not have been the healthiest, but the idea of dividing your plate can help you stay on track. “The easiest way to maintain the right balance is to ‘visualize macros,’” said dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner. Using a divided plate like this one allows you to portion out a little protein, some whole grains and lots of vegetables. Add some healthy fats, like avocado or olive oil, for a truly wholesome meal. Get it on Amazon.

5 A snack bar, to keep you full and satisfied.

It’s important to remember that eating but snacks are not off-limits. “Snacks are important to help stabilize your blood sugars in between meals and ensure you never go too long without food,” said dietitian Bari Stricoff. She recommended portable foods such as an Rx Bar, which is free of unnecessary fillers and only contains real, wholesome ingredients like egg whites, nuts and dates. Get them on Amazon.

6 A New York Times best-seller to keep you motivated.

“I have found that the more people learn about themselves, the more consistent and successful they’ll be in maintaining their healthy habits,” said Dr. Rachel Paul. “This way, they’ll be better equipped to tune out the noise of mixed media messages and (albeit well meaning) friends and family spouting criticism or unwanted suggestions.” She recommends Better Than Before — a book dedicated to creating healthy habits that fit your personality. Get it on Amazon.

7 A Fitbit tracker that won’t overwhelm you.

Dietitian Kaleigh McMordie’s philosophy is to “eat what makes you feel good.” With this in mind, she wants people to let go of what eating healthy really means. “It’s much easier to maintain a fairly balanced diet that includes a variety of food groups (including treats!) and getting even a small amount of movement most of the time,” she said. The Fitbit Flex 2 will track your daily steps, but it won’t make you obsess over the number of calories burned. It’s a good tool to see how you’re moving without being overwhelmed. Get it on Amazon.

8 Another snack bar, because one option is never enough.

Dietitian Shanna Hutcheson wants people to ditch the all-or-nothing diet. “When you give yourself permission to eat a wide variety of foods you actually enjoy, you feel far less out of control around the foods that were previously not allowed,” she said. If you’re craving a cookie, go ahead and eat it. And if you want to eat something a little healthier but also delicious, try a Perfect Bar in Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter. Get them on Amazon.

9 A smart device that will remind you to stay accountable.

For nutritionist Christal Sczebal, staying on track is all about finding someone to keep you going. “Having a friend, family member or even an online community to hold you accountable to your goals and cheer you on will help you stay motivated to keep consistent with your healthy eating,” she said. You can set an Amazon Echo to text your fitness buddy and update them on how your week is going. It’s a win-win for you and your partner. Get it on Amazon.

10 This planner to help you set yourself up for success.

One of the best ways to stay on track, according to dietitian Ilana Muhlstein, is to take a look at your calendar. “People like to make arbitrary goals like, ‘I want to lose 10 pounds,’ and it’s just not good enough,” she said. A digital calendar on your smartphone can be handy, but physically writing down a goal and seeing it daily can be inspiring. This planner has all the motivation you need to stay strong and committed in 2019