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Did you know that banana peel has few amazing advantages? After knowing the shocking benefits of banana peel, you will surely think twice before throwing it. We often do not think before throwing the banana peel in the dustbin in fact we think that it is meant for throwing out but the advantages of banana peel is just shocking.

Here are few shocking benefits of banana peel:-

1. Heal red patches on your skin- It is really upsetting when you see red and itchy patches on your skin which is caused due to insect bite, but scrubbing the banana peel on the red patches will help you get relief.

2. Removes wrinkles- Mix egg yolk with banana peel and apply it on your skin to get a wrinkle free skin.

3. Acts as shoes cleanser- Yes you read it right! Although it is a bit weird but true though that banana peel can be used to get your shoes shinning like you have polished them right away.

4. Get rid of yellowish teeth- If you have lost the white shine of your teeth and your teeth have turned yellowish in color, well then worry not banana peel will act as your savior. Scrub banana peel on your teeth twice a day and then smile without any embarrassment.

5. Cure of Pimples- Scrubbing banana peel on your skin on a regular basis will help you get rid of unnecessary pimples and will keep your skin moisturized as well.